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British Gas maintenance contracts Increase £££

2 replies

NorksBride · 15/01/2007 19:59

Since there are fuel cost threads tonight, I'll tell you that my FIL was told by British Gas that his maintenance contract would be going up by 20%.

Being the sort of chap that complains about everything, he phoned them and told them it was disgusting etc. And they've reduced it by 10%.

So it's not a fixed increase, they seem to be trying it on. If anyone has one of these contracts and the price goes up - complain!

OP posts:
saltire · 15/01/2007 20:07

I have a landlords one, and haven't had any notification that it's going up

saltire · 16/01/2007 11:32

I checked all my paperwork from them, and there is a letter there saying that they guarentee prices for 12 months

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