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Housing Benefit question

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theflumpsmum · 15/01/2007 11:22

Hi I was wondering if any of you can help me...Myself and my dc are currently living with my parents and brother,and on all the housing lists in the area.The housing people are no help whatsoever and Ive been looking into privately renting on housing benefit(I'm on Income support).
I've got a social fund loan for £700 which covers the deposit but still have to find the first months rent,one of my friends mentioned that when she was on housing benefit they pay you back the first months rent when your housing benefit starts coming through.
Is this correct?My Nan and Grandad have said if this is the case then they will be happy to loan me the money for the first month.
Thanks in advance

OP posts:
mellowma · 15/01/2007 11:24

Message withdrawn

theflumpsmum · 15/01/2007 11:35

Thank you
Thats what I wanted to hear

OP posts:
MamazonAKAfatty · 15/01/2007 11:40

speak to the local SHELTER office as they may know of a charity or organisation near you. there is one called RENT START that lends you the money for deposits and months rent in advance.

but yes you will get your rent backdated.

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