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Is this a scam?

11 replies

Katymac · 09/01/2007 18:37

I got a 1571 message from infotech asking me to call 08712401180.....I did and got put on hold

Is this a scam - how much am I likely to have been stung for?

OP posts:
misspinkcat · 09/01/2007 18:39

Isn't this the one that comes up on your bill as a porn hotline>

scorpio1 · 09/01/2007 18:40

some of them are quite expensive

not sure how much though

Katymac · 09/01/2007 18:41

It doesn't matter if it does as I have paperless billing & dh never sees it

(mind you in 2 months when I come on here and say "DH has been looking at says so on my phone bill"

OP posts:
wurlywurly · 09/01/2007 18:42

did you get thru to them or still on hold???

MerlinsBeard · 09/01/2007 18:42

according to the BT website 0871 and 08712 aren't recognised as uk numbers

Katymac · 09/01/2007 18:43

I came off after about 15 secs as I wasn't sure how much I was paying

OP posts:
MerlinsBeard · 09/01/2007 18:43

ignore that, it doesn't recognise 0870 either

wurlywurly · 09/01/2007 18:44

probably a recorded message if you do get thru

julienetmum · 14/01/2007 00:03

They were probably just trying to sell you something. The name is familiar, I'm sure we have had mailings and cold calls from them, something to do with computers and software and training etc.

Linnet · 14/01/2007 00:59

I had a message like that on my phone but didn't call it as someone at work had told me about a scam that was going around where they do this.

I figured if it was genuine and important enough the person would phone back.

julienetmum · 14/01/2007 01:14

0871 Numbers - Telephone Marketing Numbers

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