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Swimming courses....from council to private..advice please...

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charliecat · 05/12/2006 19:34

My mum pays for both dds to have swimming lessons instead of giving them pocket money. At the end of the summer term letters were given out saying the pool was being closed for a refurb and would open in Jan 2007. Same enrolment procedure as before, pay within a week or you lose your place and go back on the VERRRRY long waiting list.
So, I paid, and the kids have been going to a different pool just for this term while that ones being refurbed.
Anyway.....Just looking to compare prices between the 2 pools, and it seems that the council run pool has gone private
And I think its one of those places, that to get in the door, you need to be a member.
Well im not. And I dont want to cough up anymore more, yet my dds are booked in for these lessons in Jan 2007.
Where do I stand if they want membership money?
Or if they say that the money I paid at the enbd of the term has nothing to do with them or something like that?

OP posts:
TheBlonde · 05/12/2006 19:37

Sounds like most of the council places where I live - they are still owned by the council but a private firm runs them

If you've paid for your classes you should still get them as before I think

charliecat · 05/12/2006 20:15

Thanks. I hope your right Do you have tp pay a membership to your local places?

OP posts:
TheBlonde · 05/12/2006 21:31

Our places seem to have both membership and pay as you go options

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