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Trainee acupunturist with hepitisis C

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Creole · 18/11/2006 13:41

Please can someone help my friend.

She is a counsellor, who works with another counsellor

My friend has been told that she has got to allow her colleague who has hep C to practice acupunture on her. She has been told that if she doesn't allow him to do this, she will be in breach of the anti-discrimination Act.
Which will result in her being referred to the HR departmert and disciplined.
Does she have any rights to refuse? because her manager is under the impression there is no risk involved. However, this person who is in training to be an acupunturist has never practised on another person before.

She would prefer to have the acupunture from a non- infected person and she would like someone to refer her to a relevant employment act, for her to quote if she needs to defend her decision with HR.

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Creole · 18/11/2006 13:58


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ChicPea · 18/11/2006 14:07

Sounds odd to me. If Hep C wasn't a big deal, why do the HR dept know about it? I don't know the terms of her contract and if there is a clause where she has to allow practising or training therapists to practice on one another but needles and infectious diseases are dangerous. Check up to date free legal advice with acas tel 0845 747 4747 and they are open on monday to friday. Will watch this thread with interest.

Twiglett · 18/11/2006 14:07

you have 2 of these threads running by the way .. there's some comments on the other one too

Creole · 18/11/2006 14:34

Yes, I'm watching both of them as my friend is very desperate.
Thanks for that chicpea

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