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Time Off Work Due To Mum In Hospital, Now Being Asked To Prove It

8 replies

Quootiepie · 15/11/2006 08:48

my DH had time off a while ago because his mum was in hospital, and is now being asked for a letter from the hospital or face diciplinary action. I think its invasion of his mums privacy... can they really ask for that? He wasn't in hospital, it was his mum. And how would you even prove it?

OP posts:
GooseyLoosey · 15/11/2006 08:55

Not really my field but am guessing that he is trying to take the time off work as compassionate leave rather than annual leave. I would imagine that this is at his employer's discretion and they can therefore ask for anything they like before giving it.

Having encountered students in similar situations, they always seemed able to contact hospital admissions or their GP (it would of course have to be dh's mother that did this) and get appropriate letters from them. However, have a feeling that GPs at least may charge for this.

Quootiepie · 15/11/2006 08:56

I dont think his mum would want a letter being written though- she was under a mental health team.

OP posts:
tribpot · 15/11/2006 09:00

Ask the GP to be non-specific about the admission. But he/she probably will charge for this. Alternatively, the hospital may be able to write a general letter saying Mrs X was an inpatient from such a date to such a date - will obviously be a giveaway if it's a Mental Health facility, though? You could contact the PALS team at the hospital (Patient Advice and Liaison) and ask them.

GooseyLoosey · 15/11/2006 09:01

Can see your point. Was she given any documentation by the hospital at the time eg discharge papers that she would be prepared for your dh to show his employer - you could take copies and tipex out any bits that related to personal details and explain to employer that dh's mother is sensitive about her medical details being disclosed.

mumblechum · 15/11/2006 09:33

Good advice there from goosey and tribpot. Unless he's able/willing to provide some documentary evidence, he should offer to have his pay docked rather than have disciplinary action on his record.

GooseyLoosey · 15/11/2006 09:43

Agree with mumblechum - or to take the day off as normal holiday.

Goog luck with everything!

Quootiepie · 15/11/2006 12:11

Thanks... I dont think it was to do with the fact holiday Vs. emergency leave, they just want it. Might get her just to right a letter.

OP posts:
GooseyLoosey · 15/11/2006 13:22

Think they may need more than a letter from MIL - would be good if she could attach some docs from hospital "proving" that she was there - as I said, she could delete any personal bits she is not comfortable disclosing.

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