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What happens if you pay a cheque into the post office, and it disappears?

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Jelley · 07/11/2006 14:02

That's it really.
I paid dps wages in, waited 6 working days, no money.

I've lost the receipt for the po, so they can't do anything.
The bank want to know if the money has been cleared from his employers account before they can do anything.
His employers are apparently not concerned, and told him he will have to wait til Thursday for the admin lady to come off her holiday to check/reissue the cheque.

Have we just lost a weeks wages, or will it be sorted?

OP posts:
EllieK · 07/11/2006 21:58

i work in payroll
sounds like you will have to wait til your admin lady gets back but if the cheque has not been cashed they can cancel it and issu a new one, will only take a few hours to do x

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