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Best Bank Account...

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Flamebat · 26/10/2006 08:41

So... if I'm going to be doing the claiming back and want a new emergency bank account... who is best to go for?

Is online a good plan, or a real proper bank?

OP posts:
jasnDISMemBERED · 26/10/2006 08:45

I'm at the same stage as you (ie thinking about it but not actually done anything)
I've opened a back up account with alliance and leicester, as recommended by the moneysaving expert website. Can be operated online, but is also a real bank.

mustcackleorsuckbloodmore · 26/10/2006 08:49

claiming what back?

jasnDISMemBERED · 26/10/2006 08:57

Ureasonable bank charges. - anything over £12

jasnDISMemBERED · 26/10/2006 08:58

look here mrm

jasnDISMemBERED · 26/10/2006 08:58

look here mrm

SueW · 26/10/2006 09:04

moneysupermarket will recommend an account.

Twinkie1 · 26/10/2006 09:21

Can;t remember who they are who our shared account is with - think it is nationwide - DH said they are going to go public or something soon he thinks and we will get payout - not sure if new members will but maybe worth a punt!!

mustcackleorsuckbloodmore · 26/10/2006 10:18

Oh. Thats Jas. Thought I might be in for some free money then, but sadly not!

PretendFiend · 26/10/2006 10:29

Twinkie - if Nationwide go public it will be the end of the world as we know it. (Current account holders wouldn't get a payout even if they did though - only investors and people with mortgages).

mumbleslikeazombiechum · 27/10/2006 11:27

Can't tell you a good one, but don't go to Intelligent Finance. I've got an account with them and they're unbelievably difficult to deal with. When I lost my card I couldn't cancel it because you can't just phone up and tell them tne accoutn no, you need the plan no, the jar no, mother's shoe size, etc etc. They're crap.

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