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largeginandtonic · 05/10/2006 14:18

I wondered if anyone has been through the CSA before? My exp and i split up in Jan this year and it soon became apparent he was not going to hand over any money for the children. I put a claim in to the CSA the begining of august. He has recently made me an offer but only if i drop the CSA claim. We have 5 children and although he brought the older 2 up from birth he is not actually their biological father. So the CSA will only consider the 3 youngest, i know he earns 45k a year basic. He has offered me £300 a month. He claims poverty but has been doing the house up giong out etc etc, so i dont believe him. He has also said he will drag his feet and not cooperate with the CSA to make it take longer. We could do with the money now as DH is supporting all of us, what shall i do?

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largeginandtonic · 05/10/2006 14:24


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mumblechum · 05/10/2006 14:33

He should pay 25% of his net income (ie after tax, ni and any pension contributions for 3 or more children. If he doesn't, the CSA will make their assesment along those lines and backdate the arrears to whenever you made your claim. Not sure if this is helpful or if you already knew it. The CSA are really slow but if they don't hurry up, write a strong letter.

largeginandtonic · 05/10/2006 14:39

Thanks mumble i have not got a clue what they do at the CSA i have phoned weekly for an update and as far as i can gather they have not even given it a case leader yet, whatever that means.

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largeginandtonic · 06/10/2006 10:28


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rickman · 06/10/2006 10:35

Message withdrawn

largeginandtonic · 06/10/2006 11:38

Did think about doing that rickman but as soon as he knew i kept the claim going he would stop the money and be angry. Not sure i can cope with that, he is not being very nice but i am keeping the peace so the kids get to see him.

Whats your nightmare like? Have you been fighting long?

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Emskilou · 06/10/2006 11:45

If you dont wish to go down the csa route get something in writing from him like a contract stating what he will pay so it will be pretty difficult to break, my exdh (tosserface I like to call him at the moment) was all nicey nicey to start with said he would pay so we would sort it out between us, hasn't paid a penny at all csa are involved but have done naff all and are useless. My only advoce is to get something in writing, hope this helps

rickman · 06/10/2006 12:05

Message withdrawn

SharpAndSpikeyOHara · 06/10/2006 12:05

... are a bunch of wankers...

Sorry this was a complete the sentence in 50 words or less wasn't it?

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