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Agencies & Pregnancy

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QuootieSpookypie · 04/10/2006 08:55

Hiya -
This happened 2 years ago, but, while working for an agency I became pregnant and suffered badly with morning sickness and had abit of time off. The agency rang me one day and said the company had let me go as I wasnt fulfilling my contract. I asked if it was legal, and the woman just said yes. Is it legal?
Thanks x

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wannaBe1974 · 04/10/2006 09:33

I'd imagine as a temporary employee it probably is legal, esp if they employ you to work through an agency it is often done on a day-by-day basis so the contract can usually be terminated without notice by either party.

QuootieSpookypie · 04/10/2006 09:38

was a 6 month contract...

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QuootieSpookypie · 04/10/2006 14:07


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QuootieSpookypie · 04/10/2006 18:47


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alp · 05/10/2006 07:39

As a temporary employee then either party can walk away without a formal notice period that we have as permanent employees.

If you are working through an agency then I am assuming it would be the same despite the contract being for 6 months.

I maybe wrong but that is my understanding of it. Best thing to do is lok through your paperwork and see about notice periods.

Hideehi · 05/10/2006 10:55

Yes it's legal, you have no employment rights as a temporary employee.

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