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Bank insurance query

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jampots · 02/10/2006 00:51

I am an absolute air head when it comes to all things monetary and am unbelievably crap with opening my post - especially when i expect there to be no change as in the case of a bank account i have. i put some money in there a couple of years ago and wrote a couple of cheques within the first couple of months but since then absolutely nothing. ive never used teh card linked to the account either so felt no need to check the account. Anyway in a bid to get all my paperwork up to date ive opened my statements and was shocked that in fact theres sod all in there. At the time of opening the account the banker asked if i'd like to look at their insurance - i said i'd have a look and as far as i know thats all. ive got a letter from their insurance dept saying they;d been trying to contact me as i'd expressed an interest but couldnt get hold of me. Anyway, it appears about 3-4 months after opening the account they started debiting £30 for insurance. Ive searched for any evidence of starting an insurance with them but can find nothing - no correspondence, policy or even agreement. Does anyone have any idea where i stand on this? Do they have to supply me with a policy to do this?

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Maddison · 02/10/2006 01:26

I'm no expert but i'm sure you should have received a policy document if they have set up a policy for you. Sounds to me like they have arranged a policy without your say so as you got a letter from them because you had expressed an interest in a policy. Did you ever get in touch with the bank after receiving the letter? Did you get the letter prior to them taking money from the account? What exactly is this policy supposed to cover, since £30 (per month?) seems like quite a lot to me.

Sorry I don't have any constructive advice, I hope someone comes along soon with some wise words for you.

jampots · 02/10/2006 11:46

bump for any other views

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