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paying for monthly outgoings

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Yorkiegirl · 30/09/2006 18:31

Message withdrawn

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hunkermunker · 30/09/2006 18:33

I wouldn't use a credit card. I've just linked my Clubcard to my Powergen account - and I pay that by DD. Can you do that with some things? Lots of utility companies have tie-ins.

But if you miss payments one month, it all starts to build up on a credit card (as I know from experience, sadly ).

Hello, btw - how are the girls? How is DD2 after her op?

Yorkiegirl · 30/09/2006 18:35

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
beckybrastraps · 30/09/2006 18:37

If you can set up a direct debit to pay off the full amount monthly, rather than just the minimum, then it should be OK. We do this with our Tesco card for the clubcard points. But hunker's right. You have to be careful!

AngelaChill · 01/10/2006 13:08

I pay for everything with the nector card and then clear it in full every month, it's staggering how many points we collect over the course of a year.

charliecat · 01/10/2006 13:09

I pay for everything on my tescos credit card and use the points to pay for days out. Days out we would otherwise never have and all for free.

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