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how will i do?

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adviceneededplz · 11/09/2006 18:51

when i was in north of England a couple of yrs ago, i was looking for a job and applied for an interpretation/translation job.
now i am in south of England with my 6 yrs old ds and on income support.
recently i am being called to do interpretation/translation job for them in a couple of weeks, on phone or by email.
i am concerned how i will inform this to dss:
a) the job doesnt seem a regular job
b) informing anything to dss in my area is painful, sometimes the documents sent are lost, it takes long time to be proccessed, etc.
waiting for yr suggestions, thanks a lot.

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adviceneededplz · 11/09/2006 20:35


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buktus · 11/09/2006 20:37

will you be working every now and then or is it a permanent 9 - 5 job

adviceneededplz · 11/09/2006 21:09

it doesnt seeem to me as a regular job, but i will ask them tomorrow.
it looks like to me like it will be once in 3 months or 6 months, etc

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buktus · 11/09/2006 21:13

is there any need to tell the dss then

adviceneededplz · 11/09/2006 22:36

hi buktus,
i think this will be a taxed job.

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adviceneededplz · 11/09/2006 23:07


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buktus · 12/09/2006 16:48

thats a pain coz they will prob cut benefits down because of the income you earn but if its only now and again some weeks will prob leave you short, what about asking cab

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