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Buggy has packed up, guarantee just ran out. Will mothercare replace?

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Wisp · 22/08/2006 13:19

Any advice greatfully welcomed, they are calling me back this afternoon.
It has just gone over it's 12 month guarantee. Do I have a leg to stand on fetting a replacement. Its a £300 double buggy and the frame snapped with my children in it.
I rang them and said it was in it's last month, and they want to repair it, but Ive just re looked at the reciept and I bought it the end of July 2005 :-(
Do I have a cat in hells chance of another ?

OP posts:
MeAndMyBoy · 22/08/2006 13:22

I would have thought so - it's faulty goods not wear and tear - the frame snapping suggests inferior quality materials or a fault in the production of the item. Might be worth going back to the manufacturer direct if it isn't m/care own brand (?) and see what they say if you have no joy with M/care

Xena · 22/08/2006 13:22

I think you do have a right to have it repaired I remember reading in the legal section of a newspaper that just because a guarantee only lasts a year doesn't mean that it should only last a year maybe you could get them to repair it at cost

Wisp · 22/08/2006 13:29

Thanks. It is a mothercare own brand,I'll just have to fess up and hope they are feeling generous!!

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buggypitstop · 20/01/2010 13:07

Message deleted

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