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Non-payment of Freelance Work

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Carmenere · 16/08/2006 20:23

I just want to say to all freelance journalists here to avoid I2Media if you come accross them!!
Learn from my mistake, I signed a commisioning note that said they would only pay after publication, thick I know, but I was desperate for the work. Basically the magazine folded before my piece was used so I don't get paid, I'm now down £400. The thing that rankles is that the company is up and running with other publications, wankers.
Bewarned(although I'm sure most of you are canny enough not to sign a note like that)

OP posts:
aitch71ababe · 16/08/2006 20:26

what a bugger, can't you place it elsewhere?

Carmenere · 16/08/2006 20:34

No because it was a piece on the Irish property market which took a load of research (and calling in of favours). But it was time specific ie lots of the property will be sold by now, very irritating!
I just think that as a freelancer I wish I had been more careful about what I signed. Lesson learned.

OP posts:
edam · 16/08/2006 21:35
aitch71ababe · 16/08/2006 22:08

how irritating. it'll never happen again, that's for sure.

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