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Big Problems with Welsh Water, where do we stand (long)

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jofeb04 · 15/08/2006 21:18

Many months ago, we had a blocked sewage pipe and was told by welsh water it is their pipe so they will fix it.
It is still not fixed! The pipe is collapsed (the engineers did tell us this), but we still don't know where we stand.
I have spent two days in the house with my dc waiting for them to complete another cctv serveay (sP), and they didn't attend!
I'm always the one phoning them, been on the phone again this afternoon. Hopefully it should get sorted soon.
What can we do? ATM, we have liquid raw sewage leaking out of our wall (we are about 6ft higher than our next door neighbour) and the waste is running into their garden, and when it rains, its obv going down the main road.
I feel that we shouldnt be paying our water bill, as why should we pay for sewage services, when they are not legally getting rid of the sewage.


OP posts:
Pixiefish · 15/08/2006 21:23

if the problem is on your property then they'll tell you that its your problem. i'd try to get it in writing that its their responsibility

jofeb04 · 15/08/2006 21:28

Our house insurance was first going to fix the pipe, but water company addmitted it was their pipe as our house was biult before a certain date. We have git confirmation that its their pipe as well. They just seem like they cant be bothered to fix it

OP posts:
fistfullofbanners · 15/08/2006 22:23

write them loads of letters, copies to the chairman? write to local newspapers?

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