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mazzarella · 15/08/2006 19:15


I have another thread running on the for sale board called looking for bigfamily or anyone that knows her.

I bought some phil and teds accessories off her for £50 and paid immediatly then she dissapeared off the face off the earth i opened a paypal dispute then claim which I won but she had cleared her paypal account so bascially i get bugger all back!

I have her ebay user id and she has had recent activity so I know shes not dead or emigrated shes just a theif, her feedback on ebay is excellent and other mums on here have had good things to say as some have bought off her!

Anyone got any advice?

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 15/08/2006 19:18

Well, I'd avoid saying stuff like "she's a thief" given the current libel hoo har.

"Ask seller a question" loads of times via stuff she's selling on Ebay?

DumbledoresGirl · 15/08/2006 19:22

Mazzarella, I am a frequent user of Mumsnet and I have never come across BigFamily. That is not to say that all regular Mners are trustworthy, or that irregular Mners are not trustworthy, but your unfortunate experience will comfirm a lot of people in their view that if a name is not familiar on the for sale boards, any dealings with them should be treated with caution.

I currently have a very dubious buyer attempting to buy all my clothes for sale (amounts to £70 worth of stuff). I will not strike a deal for so much unless I can get some reassurance from them.

I am sorry for what has happened to you. I can only hope that you get your money back or your goods, somehow.

SoupDragon · 15/08/2006 19:23

If you know her Ebay ID, has she sold the items you bought there instead? You need to do an advanced search by seller, including completed items.

mazzarella · 15/08/2006 19:58

ok maybe I shouldnt have out right called her a theif (sorry!) but imagine how i feel at the mintue, totally pissed off.
I have searched through all the things shes bought and sold and its mostly nappies. She seems like such a good seller and buyer so I did think there may be a genuine reason for all this, but since she has had recent feedback on ebay she must have been online t leave feedback so surley must have checked her emails.

OP posts:
MrsJohnCusack · 15/08/2006 20:02

have you tried contacting her via 'ask a question' as SoupDragon suggests?

Really sorry this has happened, have been following your other thread.

mazzarella · 15/08/2006 20:03

no i havent used the ask a seller a question yet as I dint want her to know my user id.

OP posts:
Tenalady · 15/08/2006 20:04

oooh I saw your thread searching for big family and honestly I think you have given who ever this is time enough to either deliver or at least give an explanation.

Im sorry to say it does look like you may of been caught this time, which is a shame.

MrsJohnCusack · 15/08/2006 20:05

ah - good point
unless you set up a new Ebay identity just for this (if you do more than one from the same computer - can't see why not though)
I don't see what else you can do unfortunately. The mumsnet for sale boards rely on trust really and it's such a shame when that goes belly up

MrsJohnCusack · 15/08/2006 20:05

if you CAN do more than one I meant to say

Xena · 15/08/2006 20:07

When money nexts credits her paypal acct will it be immediatly credited to you? Have you reported her to mumsnet, they may at least be able to ban her so she can't hide under another name.
I always search a seller to see if they are a regular poster although this doesn't protect you either

mazzarella · 15/08/2006 20:10

yes i have reported her to mumsnet but they havent replied yet.

I dont think you can open two ebay accounts.

I have since searched her name and she has posted quite a bit and some others have told me they had good experiences buying from her.

OP posts:
Tenalady · 15/08/2006 20:12

very strange then if others have had good experiences with her.

Maybe something awful has happened but is doesnt explain why her paypal account has been cleared out.

MrsJohnCusack · 15/08/2006 20:14

no you prob can't open 2 ebay accounts now I'm thinking about it
what a nightmare, and she'd sold before so you'd think that was enough of a track record so it'd be OK!

zippitippitoes · 15/08/2006 20:14

she has poste quite a bit but only on for sale and she is a trader in my book rather than an mner

MrsJohnCusack · 15/08/2006 20:15

that's how I feel too Zippi

mazzarella · 15/08/2006 20:15

someone suggested she may have died but since then she has left feedback for people on 12 aug on ebay, so she must have been around then and that was ages after i paid for my stuff.

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 15/08/2006 20:16

who has had good experiences..are they regular posters?

mazzarella · 15/08/2006 20:17

cant remember?! soupdragons friend was one

OP posts:
Kaloo20 · 15/08/2006 20:18

You can open as many ebay accounts as you have email accounts. Free email accounts are 10 a penny !

mazzarella · 15/08/2006 20:20

anchovies was another who bought nappies off her.

OP posts:
LucyCampCat · 15/08/2006 20:21

Hang in there in terms of getting a refund - we were ripped off on ebay but the not very bright seller, after initally clearing their Paypal account did do more trading and we got our money back about 4 weeks later.

proudofmyboobs · 15/08/2006 20:21

Hope you get this sorted, It gives other sellers a bad name. I have bought off two MNers in the past few weeks and had great service! Prehaps she has sent them and they got lost in the post? Had she got your correct address?

mazzarella · 15/08/2006 20:22

yes paypal did say if anyfunds went back in. But she could have closed it completly.

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 15/08/2006 20:22

maybe she is selling stuff she doesn't have yet if she is buying and selling.....hopefully you will get the money then when it goes into the paypal account

mazzarella · 15/08/2006 20:23

She definatly had my correct address as i sent it to her and as i paid by paypal my address is on the payment recipt.
If she had sent and they got lost, why not reply to my emails with proof of posting etc.

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