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Any bookkeepers/accountants around?

2 replies

jampots · 12/08/2006 23:15

We will be hiring an accountant/book keeper for our busines but in hte meantime can anyone tell me if I am able to put my mobile phone bill (or part of it) through the business. I do quite a lot of calling on it for various reasons relating to the business. Im on a monthly tariff but tend to go over my allotted minutes each month. I dont want to increase my tariff if I cant claim it back as Im not even drawing a salary yet. My business partner does absolutely nothing although doesnt want to let go which is frustrating so am keen to draw what I can legitimately in order to not have so much profit to split at the end of the year.

OP posts:
ferdinand · 12/08/2006 23:17

you will be able to put some of it through......probably all of it, depending on your line of business, and what type of company you are running!

Charlene1 · 14/08/2006 11:37

You have to get the bill and circle all calls made for business only I think. DP has one at work, and he has to do that.

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