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returning a damaged item in original packaging... help please.

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geekgrrl · 01/08/2006 13:48

I ordered a pool table online for dh a couple of weeks ago, for £380 - quite a nice one too and this was the cheapest we'd seen it for online.
Anyway, it eventually arrived last week - delivered by a small courier company with only one elderly delivery driver, packaging falling apart completely. The bloomin' thing weighs 200 kg (!!!) but him and me somehow managed to get it off his van and into our drive.
dh and I later unpacked it in the drive and brought it all inside. We then noticed that the playing surface was damaged - a sort of gluey dent near the edge, about 2 inches diameter. I emailed the company, was offered an inadequate refund and are now at the point where they're refusing to offer a decent refund and are saying they'll collect it.
They've said that it must be all packed in the original order and original packaging. I don't remember the original order of all the bits and pieces (it was flat-packed) and the packaging was in tatters when it got here. What do I do?
Also, can I insist that they send two able-bodied delivery men to pick it up? I don't want to risk personal injury for a pick-up of a faulty item.
I'm really fed up with them. They're being so arsey and awkward, and are implying that we're just completely unreasonable for being unhappy with the defect.

OP posts:
hellywobs · 01/08/2006 14:05

If you buy something it has to be fit for purpose. If it is damaged and the defect was not pointed out to you before you bought it you can demand a refund or replacement. You can require them to collect it and you do NOT have to send it back in the original packaging. Tell them again that you are merely asserting your rights under the Sale of Good Act and if they do not deal with the matter printo you will report them to Trading Standards.

geekgrrl · 01/08/2006 14:18

thank you hellywobs!!! What about the packaging then? Can I tell them that they need to pack it when they come to pick it up or something? It'd be a nightmare to pack up, with it being so heavy.

They're being so silly about it. I'd accept a £100 refund - mainly because I can't face dragging another one into the house. What on earth do they think they'll be able to do with it, anyway?!

OP posts:
gigglinggoblin · 01/08/2006 14:37

i wouldnt accept a £100 refund. google for your local trading standard office and give them a call - they will be able to tell you legally where you stand and you may be able to get something to quote to the company. most places will start being reasonable when you make it clear you know your rights and are not afraid to cause trouble to get your money back

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