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You have to tell the Inland Revenue if you move address

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teacakes · 26/07/2006 16:25

I did not know this, so I am posting this as DH got caught out and they were asking for payment of penalties, so don't what anyone to be in the same position.

Apparently you have to inform them when you move address. If you don't and they ask for a tax returns, which you will not receive, you are could be asked to pay penalties for late returns.

They sent DH returns for 2 yrs and these were sent back to them as 'no such person', I don't know why they did not just check his NI or employment details!

Anyway got a snotty letter after we explained that he'd moved years ago, saying that it is our responsibilities to tell them if you move no one else.

So you have been warned!

OP posts:
Jbck · 27/07/2006 17:08

As an HMRC employee I'd like to reply if I may. We have a problem where employers don't advise us if an employee has given them a change of address. They may do it at the end of the tax year but by that time you could have been moved almost a year. Others simply don't bother. Similarly you may inform another government department but due to our country's lack of joined up working within local & national government there are actual restrictions under the DPA on them telling other government depts.
If your DH is self-employed he (or his accountant) should be aware of his responsibilities with regards to his tax returns, if he isn't and he has never received a tax return previously he could appeal on those grounds that he wasn't expecting anything so was unaware of potential liabilities. If the tax returns show no liability once completed then any penalties would be negated anyway.
I am merely stating the facts and hope you don't take any offence. Some of us are actually quite helpful.

Roobie · 27/07/2006 17:20

It didn't even cross my mind to notify HMRC when I moved and consequently didn't realise I had been sent tax returns for 2 years (they were actually sent to a very old address, about 2 moves ago). I got them to waive the penalty however on the basis that the P60 submitted by my employers each year would have shown my current address - not my problem that their systems don't talk to each other. My other argument was that as an employee I had never received a tax return in the past and wasn't expecting any kind of HMRC communication or to be issued with a return.

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