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Changing mortgage to get a better rate but what happens to the charge on the property?

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tenalady · 18/07/2006 16:06

There is a charge on our property, it is my charge when we bought the house because I put some of my funds from my previous single house into it and x wife was going for the shirt off the back. It was done to protect me.

We are changing mortgage to get a better rate and the administrators now say they want a further £150 to either remove the charge or to transfer it.

Is there a way around this, cos it sounds like money for old rope to me.

We are not fussed if the charge stays on it so why does it cost £150 to keep it as it is?

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tenalady · 18/07/2006 16:18


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bamboo · 18/07/2006 16:25

Is it a charge or a restriction? Who are the parties to it - just you and your dp? Perhaps, contact the Land Registry - surely they would remove it for nothing if you two are the only ones affected.

tenalady · 18/07/2006 16:26

Its was just my name on the charge to protect any money that I put into our marital home.

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bamboo · 18/07/2006 16:38

Give the Land Reg a call - they're pretty helpful. Removal of a standard charge would be free - I can't see what would be different in this case, but I am a bit out of touch with these things.

tenalady · 19/07/2006 14:27

Thanks will give it a try.

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