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Lawyer or Solicitor..whats the difference?

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Charlottesweb · 17/07/2006 23:46

Is it one of them goes to court and the other doesn't? or is is two different names for the same profession? Just wondering, that's all

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hulababy · 17/07/2006 23:48

A lawyer is the generic term for either a solicitor or a barrister.

A barrister goes to court - he/she is the advocate.

A solicitor works more directly (on the whole) with clients, although can do some advocay work as well.

Both train for similar length of time and entry requirements are also similar.

fattiemumma · 17/07/2006 23:57

the solicitor does the mostly boreing behind the scenes, chasing up paperwork sort of stuff..

Barrister is the one in the wig and robes who stand up in front of the judge and get to play at being very clever and knowledgable...very theatrical.

or at least, thast what mine are like

Charlottesweb · 18/07/2006 22:05

Thankyou That's cleared it up for me Now I can think about other pointless things tomorrow

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