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Does this look legit?

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FuglyDucking · 26/06/2006 23:21

Money is very tight at the moment and I am in need of a part-time job I can fit into my spare time of 2 days off a week and found this

Does it look legit? Should I stay well clear or is it worth a go? Am a bit worried about the joining fee, but if it is legit then I would be willing to pay this if, as the website says, I would get my money back.


OP posts:
stitch · 26/06/2006 23:28

it doesnt to me, as it doesnt tell you exactly what you will be doing.
20 pounds is a lot of money to be earning per application.and it doesnt say what the applications are for.
id stay clear.

suejonez · 26/06/2006 23:29

Sorry no, it doesn't look legit to me for a couple of reasons. There is no Company number. Every company registered at companies house will have a registered number and they will generally display it somewhere on their website. There is no RL address always a must with legit companies - how will you complain if the forms you are supposed to be processing don;t arrive? Example of form? Always dodgy if any compnay wants money up front IMO.

schneebly · 26/06/2006 23:29

Looks a wee bit dodgy but interesting too - not sure what I would do if I were you. Sorry!

exrebel · 26/06/2006 23:31

stay away, they always say that if they ask for money first is a scam

singledadofthree · 26/06/2006 23:32

there are legit agencies that do this but they are on commission - as you would be - and so they do not charge any start up fee. is very dodgy to me - and not enough company id info.

FuglyDucking · 26/06/2006 23:33

Thanks guys. I will stay well clear I think!!

Time to look into legit ways to earn cash I think! Any suggestions?

OP posts:
waterfalls · 26/06/2006 23:35

No no no, any work at home jobs that ask for money are always a con.

waterfalls · 26/06/2006 23:39

I have just requested an information pack, with a false email address, and my name as 'what a bloody con'

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat · 27/06/2006 00:40

if they don;t pay tax then they are not employing you - you are essentially self-employed. the way they gloss over this is another alarm bell. sounds dodgy to me.

ghosty · 27/06/2006 02:56

It is the 25 pound fee that rings alarm bells for me ...
Steer clear ... I run a very succussful MLM business from home so I know a bit about this sort of stuff ...
The bits that are dodgy are: a) they don't tell you what product/s you will be advertising/selling ... only go with a company that is totally UP FRONT about exactly what you are dealing with.
b) One off non refundable fee ... ha ha ha - so you pay that and then they contact you and tell you that there isn't any 'work' at the moment (been there, done that, got the tee shirt!)

No reputable work from home or MLM company would ask for a non refundable fee ...

NotQuiteCockney · 27/06/2006 06:43

Um, I can see how that one works - all it does is tell you how to set up your own website, telling people about Work from Home Data Processing or similar. You get £20 - £25 per applicationp processed, which is the same as the fee you pay to apply. Coincidence? I think not.

3LB · 27/06/2006 09:20

After ds2 was born, went for an "interview" for a similar job, writing witness statements at home. Was £40 per statement, no £ upfront but it struck me it would take AGES to do each one, so not worth it at all. Also, the woman "training/interviewing" me suggested that as I would be self-employed I might want to just not declare the earnings so not pay tax! Smiled, nodded then legged it!

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