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when you're due moneynin a bank....

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Ledodgyherring · 20/06/2006 23:48

My tax credits are due tommorrow so do they come in at midnight tonight ot 9 am tommorrow?

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Ledodgyherring · 20/06/2006 23:48

sorry for shoddy typing in title, i've had wine.

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Ledodgyherring · 20/06/2006 23:54


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Earlybird · 21/06/2006 00:00

Think it depends on your bank, but imagine it would be in the morning.

Ledodgyherring · 21/06/2006 00:08

Yeah I think your right just been on online banking and it isn't in, nevermind will just have to shop in the morning.

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SaintGeorge · 21/06/2006 11:34

Normally it is about 2-3 am when they hit. Most major banks run the computer updates overnight.
If doing an internet shop you would be ok as the money isn't debited until they put the order through the till so it wouldn't be until later.

Too late I know now, but might be helpful next time

Ledodgyherring · 21/06/2006 15:42

Thanks St george. It's in now anyway and I wouldn't have had the energy to stay up that late (would have had to stay up as it's an electron card and it won't let you spend if you have no money in the bank) but thanks for that anyway, handy to know.

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