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How often is it paid? MATERNITY ALLOWANCE

4 replies

pucca · 13/06/2006 08:45

Hi have been awarded maternity allowance, and have got my first payment today into bank account, but how often is it paid? can it be paid weekly? (sure i would have opted for this) Can't remember.

TIA Smile

OP posts:
Xena · 13/06/2006 09:06

mine is paid weekly, i don't think there was another option.

iPodthereforiPoor · 13/06/2006 09:15

Weekly or Four weekly - and fourweekly is very different from monthly and ends up in stress 4day post CS mumms running round town trying to work out why she is £200 overdrawn and has no money or income for the next four weeks!

Didn't realise the impact of 4weekly versus same day each month payments on cash flow

pucca · 13/06/2006 09:18

Aah thanks, thought it would be weekly/ 4 weekly. I am pretty sure i would have gone for weekly.

Thanks for replies Smile

OP posts:
diddle · 14/06/2006 17:04

pucca - i requested mine 4 weekly, stupidly thinking that if i returned my paperwork promptly that tehy would pay promptly. How stupid was I. I received one payment after stopping work for 4 weeks, which was the amount of one weeks entitlement, and the next payment will come 4 weeks after that was received, so i will be receiving money/back payments, when i return to work. It has buggered me up financially big time. I have no idea how i will survive on £108 for 8 weeks. bloody useless they are.

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