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house with a problem

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kimi · 07/06/2006 08:39

Looking to rent a new house, found one that ticks all the boxes and was about to ask where do i sign when the letting agent said it was on the market again as the woman who lived there (been let for 4 month) was attacked on the door step and the police advised her to move, he had no other details but (unfairly ) thought it might be drug related as her partner was black! Angry

But the house is lovely just whatt we are looking for and i have been to 15 letting agents and there is NOTHING else.
I know the area well and this is not a rough place and i think this incerdent is out of type for the area but i have two small children and dont want to put them in danger as we have no idea what happened or if there will be repercussions.
I called the local police station and explaned but they could not say if they thought the house was a bad move or not so i am torn and need to let the agents know..........advice please

OP posts:
dizzydo · 07/06/2006 11:23

Kimi, poor you, I have just found a lovely house and now it looks like the deal is falling through so I know how you feel.

Do you know roughly when this incident happened? Could you have a look through some old local newspapers (the library usually keep back editions). Also, what about approaching the neighbours on either side to see if they know anything?

To be honest I would think if it is not a bad area the chances of this happening again are extremely slim.

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