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How do you put a rocket RIGHT UP the CSA?

4 replies

tyedye · 24/05/2006 10:28

XDH stopped paying 7 months ago,csa said they would enforce it by now but they suspended the action while they reassess him AGAIN!!!!desperate!!Angry

OP posts:
Marne · 24/05/2006 10:30

Keep phoning them, they are so slow!

tyedye · 24/05/2006 10:36

I do,but i always get passed from pillar to post and have to explain it all again to someone else,they never return my calls when they promise to,my case seems to switch departments every time i phone them up,or the ruddy systems down etc...meanwhile im going bust!Bloody x is a successful businessman who buys kids designer clobber etc,i get to pay for what really matters,like their phone bill,school clothes and their endless eating{teens}Aaaagh!

OP posts:
Mascaraohara · 24/05/2006 10:42

Contact your MP.

The CAB will give you a form to complete to send off to the government agency ombudsman or something as well.

In my experience nothing works though

WelshBoris · 24/05/2006 10:44

I contacted my MP and their customer complaints department. Got a phone call from the CSA within 2 days and it was sorted within the month

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