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child benefit..grr

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babyonboard · 17/05/2006 17:20

It took them four months before they started paying it to us..
we sent two short birth certificates and three 'long' ones during tis time.
They now claim to have lost them all
I'm so annoyed..fair enough it's only £7.50 a time, but why should we have to pay that again!?

OP posts:
babyonboard · 17/05/2006 17:21

pointless post..but just wanted to vent! Smile

OP posts:
beckybrastraps · 17/05/2006 17:21

Seriously? - I'd be claiming back the £37.50!

LIZS · 17/05/2006 17:24

only £7 each here ! (dh has mislaid ds')

babyonboard · 17/05/2006 17:30

claiming from who? and surely it'd be such a long process it'd be more time than it's

fair enough..the first two copies were free..but the others were not (and i spent an hour plus in a stuffy office waiting for them)

OP posts:
beckybrastraps · 17/05/2006 17:31

I would be speaking to a supervisor and sending a very strongly worded letter at the very least. I don't suppose oyu'd get the money, but I would bcertainly complain! Losing FIVE birth certicicates?

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