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Maternity Allowance. When and where should I claim?

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Nbg · 03/05/2006 14:50

Well I know I can claim now but I'm not sure where to do it and when.

We are expecting to move within the next 2/3 weeks but it's to a different part of the country.
Now, do I hand the form in now where we are currently living or wait till we have moved?
I am 25 weeks pg atm.


OP posts:
starlover · 03/05/2006 14:52

the job centre site says

Claim as soon as you can after you have been pregnant for 26 weeks.

so, i would wait until you've moved

starlover · 03/05/2006 14:52

\link{\lots of info here} including what they need to see when you apply

Nbg · 03/05/2006 14:58

Well I'll be 26 weeks on Sunday.

Maybe I should wait then.

OP posts:
bronic16 · 09/05/2006 12:27

I applied at 28 weeks and now 32weeks and still waiting to hear back from them. I printed a form from the job centre website to apply

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