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Does my friend's dh have any protection?

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jampots · 13/04/2006 14:01

My friend's dh is currently signed off work with stress. He knows he is in a pool of people who are selected for redundancy but has found out in the last few days that there's a real chance of the the company going into liquidation/receivership. Will he have any extra protection because he's off sick>?

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FioFio · 13/04/2006 14:03

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jampots · 13/04/2006 14:10

he;s thinking along the lines of if there's no money in the pot he wont get his redundnacy payment. He's been there 10 years

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Janh · 13/04/2006 14:17

If the company goes bust then he will get stautory redundancy - max £280 per year of employment. If termination is instant he also gets the same in lieu of notice, but not until the notice period is up, plus any holiday pay owing.

It's not a lot compared with proper redundancy SadAngry and unemployment benefit is pathetic (c £80 pw when DH signed on).

Janh · 13/04/2006 14:19

Oh, and if he finds alternative employment during the notice period any money earned is deducted from the statutory amount; DH's notice period was 3 months but he started working again within a month so his notice pay came out to about £1600 after tax.

jampots · 20/04/2006 23:28

friends dh apparently wasnt off sick but was binned last week. The company is in receivership so i think will get statutory redundnacy after about 12 weeks. He isnt working now and my friend has recently set up a ltd company so although is working about 20 hours isnt in a position to draw a salary. They have a 13 yo and a 7 month old. WHat are they eligible to claim?

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