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tinkerbellchelle · 02/04/2006 13:15

We're buying a house from inlaws for 70k which is worth 180k. We want 2 borrow 120k to re-decorate pay debts etc. Our deposit is the 50k difference ( gift of deed ) we're just wondering who good lenders are for people who have outsranmding debt and previously not a great payment history. I dont work but DP gets 36k basic but with guaranteed overtime can be up to 50k.

does anyone know reliable companies who are willing 2 help people with debt and pass problems thanks

OP posts:
Orinoco · 03/04/2006 21:39

tinkerbellchelle, go to an independent mortgage broker. They'll be able to compare all of the various mortgage deals for you so that you know you're getting a good deal. Everything nowdays has to be above board, we have to declare how much we get paid by the lenders and justify why we are recommending a particular company, so as long as the company is registered with the FSA you shouldn't get ripped off.


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