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anyone sold a flat with no estate agent?

8 replies

oops · 24/03/2006 20:25

Flats like ours sell like hot cakes.
Last time we thought about selling, we got a full price offer 20mins after the estate agent left having taken the photos for the brouchure!

We decided not to sell for various reasons, but are thinking of selling now.

can't reaaly see what an estate agent will do that we can't tbh...
we can put a notice in the window-people are always walking past looking for flats they are viewing

so..any experience/advice welcome Smile

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cece · 24/03/2006 20:26

we sold our house last year without one. the hardest bit was negotiating the price. after that it was easy. your solicitor will talk you through. it is very simple!!!

Mirage · 24/03/2006 20:45

We bought our present house privately & if we sold it,would not use an agent.It is a very highly sought after village & houses come up for sale once every 10 years or so,if at all.I resent paying an agent for little more than a bunch of photos.

Good Luck.

oops · 24/03/2006 20:51

can't face the thought of giving the spotty faced young bloke in the jag who valued the flat around £6k for making a leaflet about the flat and then just waiting for the deluge of people to come.

It sounds like you two had no probs...has anyone had probs..
thanks for the input, i will bump anyway as want to find out if anyone did have probs.


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CHICilyalaMAMAN · 24/03/2006 20:53

Good luck oops (it is chicagomum btw Grin ).

cece · 24/03/2006 20:55

The sale had a few problems but I found them easy to sort out with the lady who was buying our house. We just kept in touch and found communication easy without an estate agent passsing on messages!

oops · 24/03/2006 21:09

oh yeah, the french thing Smile
i can't stand spending money that doesn't seem worth it iyswim..
can see that actually you may get better communication with no estate agent tbh

how's your house selling going chicilyayamaman, scuse no caps, feeding ds2 [ahhhhh]

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CHICilyalaMAMAN · 24/03/2006 21:12

OH I've spotted a couple of houses today that I'm rahter taken with. Spent a couple of hours in the garden yesterday making it look presentable.

oops · 24/03/2006 21:31

links to the houses??
you show me and i'll show you..

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