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Housing/council tax benefit, advice needed

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rayofsunshine · 16/03/2006 11:00

Im about to hand in my notice at work, for various reasons, mainly stress, i have been to docs and he says im suffering with stress, and i know its down to work, i have to hang around for a bus for an hour and half after i finish work and walk into a quite villiage etc and im quite a nervous person.

Before i started working we were claiming housing and council tax benefit, but obviously had to let them know i was working so its been reduced.
Will i still be able to claim even though its been my choice not to continue to work. I know if i had wanted to claim unemployement benefit i wouldnt be able to.

thanks in advance for any help.

OP posts:
Kidstrack2 · 16/03/2006 11:07

You can claim housing/counciltax benefit if you have given up work

rayofsunshine · 16/03/2006 11:13

ok, thanks for ur help, on my dad said can i still put in a claim even if im not working, we have got a claim going, but only get a couple of quid a week, so i can get in touch and tell them ive had to pack in my job and it will be ok.

OP posts:
muma3 · 16/03/2006 11:16

shouldnt really have to claim again just inform them of your change of cercumstance and they will update it to i expect full benefit HTH

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