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How ridiculous is this?

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anorak · 12/03/2006 19:04

A few months ago my friend was cycling along when a car pulled out in front of him. He had his face all smashed in, severe bruising, a broken jaw and cheekbones, a big cut that needed stitches and all his front teeth knocked out. He was in hospital for a week.

And now the police are suing him for riding with a broken light on his bike. They spotted that the light was broken, after the accident. Durrr! Now instead of his trying to claim damages he has to hire a solicitor and go to court to defend this ludicrous charge. Angry

What a waste of taxpayers' time and money.

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coppertop · 12/03/2006 19:06

Shock If it wasn't such an awful situation it would be almost laughable! Shock

anorak · 12/03/2006 19:08

Just as ridiculous as the man who was fined for putting the wrong rubbish in a bin. I have no respect for the police any more.

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LIZS · 12/03/2006 19:19

That's horrid for your friend and poor use of public money imho.

However do disagree with you re: the rubbish bin. In countries where recycling is a higher priority such rules exist and are very strictly applied with automatic fines, if you put household rubbish in a public bin or recycle incorrectly. Ignorance of the system is no defence.

anorak · 12/03/2006 19:25

But the man was handed his post by the postman outside his house, the junk mail never even went into his house!

Maybe in principle it was right but I think it's really petty, when compared to such things as my neighbour's truck being broken into and the police were too busy to come out. Probably busy doing the paperwork for all this other stuff.

The world's gone mad.

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