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Husband now in receipt of state pension, will it affect my tax credit?

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triplets · 22/02/2006 09:08

Thats the question, makes me feel ancient! I will obviously have to inform them that our income has changed, is anybody else in thes position, he is 65, I am 53 and trio only 8! I expect I shall lose quite abit, will he make it up do you think???????? Ho Ho!

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triplets · 23/02/2006 14:01

Nobody out there in this position, oh I feel so ancient!

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1980cat · 23/02/2006 14:52

A state pension is included as an income, as are any occupational pensions that he may get.

sparklymieow · 23/02/2006 14:54

i know my dad gets pension credits, not sure if its the same as tax credits... might be worth phoning them and finding out

triplets · 26/02/2006 15:16

Phoned the tax credit people and the bad news is it will go down by over half! Which meand husband gets extra in his bank and I dip out! He said he would "try" and give me some of it back but I would still be £80 short! He will have to buy the school shoes in future!

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