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What are my options?

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tammybear · 08/02/2006 10:05

I'm getting kind of desperate now. I haven't received any child tax credit since December. Tax credits don't know why I haven't so it has been referred to Head Office. I'm still waiting to hear from them. I ring up nearly every day to see if there's been any update, but there hasn't. They said a payment should go in on Thurs but thats when it's usually due, and they told me that last week and I didn't get anything. They keep telling me to be patient, but at the moment I am £70 over my overdraft (and my overdraft is £500) and I'm having to eat into my savings just so I can buy food etc. They told me to go for a hardship loan, but I don't know what this is, and they weren't very helpful. They just told me that my chances of getting one are slim because I'm working.

I'm usually in my overdraft at the end of the month, but I don't want to be charged because of tax credit. They owe me at least £800 already. Oh and that's another thing, one guy told me more than what others have told me, and said it looks like I may have been overpaid by £39. But this shouldnt have stopped the payments without warning me beforehand, and they would have still carried on paying, but just had lowered the payments until they get it back, which doesn't make sense to me but there you go.

I'm giving up luxeries like the Internet and cable tv. I'm selling what I can on ebay. I've been so upset and keep crying over it. I can't ask my mum for help because my sister (the stupid selfish cow) has caused my mum to be £4000 in debt cos she can't stop herself from spending on stupid things that she doesnt even fucking need (sorry she just makes me so fucking angry). My ex doesn't have a job now, and has lowered the maintenance to half. My dad's already helped me out last month, and I'm sure he would again but I don't want to ask him again, as he helped me out with £350.

I feel so desperate, and I'm at work at the moment, and typing all this makes me just wanna cry again. I've got til the end of March to find a new job, which doesn't bother me so much, as I feel confident that I will get something before then, but I'm only working part time at the moment, and now I'm looking to work full time, hoping I can get rid of some of the benefits I'm on, because I just don't trust them now. I'm still getting housing benefit which isn't so much a problem, and I should get a cheque next week which will help me get back into my overdraft at least, but other than that, I've got no other income til the end of the month, and then I'm back to square 1 again.

Any advice please?

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tammybear · 08/02/2006 12:22


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doormat · 08/02/2006 12:25

tammybear go to CAB today and ask them to sort it for you
I think you can get a hardship loan

this system is useless and they are bastards.

lars · 08/02/2006 12:26

tammybear, this did happen to me it was to do with my bank account that a digit was taken off, very strange and the amounts was to stay the same and not to be altered.They did sort this out straight away, I think I would make a real fuss, so they rectify this quickly for you. larsxx

tammybear · 08/02/2006 12:58

thanks guys

im at work at the moment, and my boss isnt in so i cant ask to go, but i might see if i can get a few hours off tomorrow morning or something.

i did think that lars, but then i thought if it was as simple as that then it wouldn't take this long to sort out.

and they are bastards. suppose to be helping out, not making situations much worse than they could be

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lars · 08/02/2006 14:05

tammybear, I didn't receive any letter it was just that I noticed onmy statement it hadn't gone in for 2 months.

Certain bank accounts sometimes they have problem with and in my experience I was told it can take 3 attmpts to get things right on the system regarding yur correct payment. It's a shambles, you can complain in writing they have to rectify within a certain time scale. larsxx

tammybear · 09/02/2006 10:11

thanks lars. im going to ring up again today, and i think ill write to them as well. thanks for your help.

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