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Buildings Insurance--history of subsidence--HELP!

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Arabica · 16/01/2006 19:10

There was a subsidence claim on our property 6 years ago. It was fully sorted without any underpinning required.
We are now buying the freehold, jointly with the other flat owner--and I can't find anyone who'll give us buildings insurance. The AA, who used to cover the premises, won't act for anyone other than individuals.
There are loads of houses around here that have far worse subsidence than ours, so it can't be that unusual. But so far 3 companies, incl Liverpool Victoria, have turned us down, even though we can produce a home buyers report dated 2004 which says there was no evidence of movement.
Does anyone know of a specialist brokers? Or can recommend an insurance policy? We can't be the only owners of a building with a previous subsidence claim!
Thanks for reading this, I'm keeping my fingers crossed someone has information to share. At least it's taking my mind off worrying about my 12 week scan!

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Arabica · 16/01/2006 21:48


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newkid · 16/01/2006 22:02

We bought a property in May that had some subsidence a year or so ago related to a wisteria plant I think. Our mortgage company One Acct wouldn't insure the property (though would give us a mortgage for it!), which got me panicked, but Direct Line (also owned by Royal Bank of Scotland - same as One acct), who had paid out on the subsidence claim of the previous owners, did.

galaxy · 16/01/2006 22:05

I would go an see an insurance broker and get them to do the leg work for you - they'll usually have agencies with a number of insurance companies and be able to get you the best deal.

Arabica · 16/01/2006 22:21

Galaxy, we have already tried and been turned down by 3 insurance brokers!

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Arabica · 16/01/2006 22:22

I hadn't thought of Direct Line, will try them tomorrow. thanks for that!

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Janh · 16/01/2006 22:24

Arabica, I wonder if it would be worth your joining the CA and signing up for Legal Advice? They have loads of expertise, you have to pay extra for them to write letters for you etc but could be much cheaper in the long run.

PS Congratulations! How are you?

Arabica · 17/01/2006 12:52

Jan, I'm fine thanks--double fine now that our broker finally got back to us (he wouldn't return my calls yesterday, hence the panic) with a cheaper policy than we had expected. It's with AXA.
Thanks to everyone who posted!
Jan are you the Jan I met in person??? If so, are you back at work now?

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Janh · 17/01/2006 14:10

No, not me - that would probably be janinlondon or another Southern Jan (you are in London-ish, aren't you?)

Glad you are fine - hope your scan is reassuring and everything continues well! (Good news about the insurance too but pg more important of course )

Arabica · 17/01/2006 14:41

Aha, I think I'm thinking of JanX then! She lived near me in London.

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galaxy · 18/01/2006 21:19

Arabica - I've just started working for AXA - how spooky!

Arabica · 19/01/2006 19:18

Galaxy, here's hoping we can just pay your company a (very reasonable, I must say) premium every year and never need to make a claim!

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