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Charities - which ones do you support?

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elliott · 04/01/2006 09:32

Well, one of my new year resolutions is to give more to charity. I'm trying to hunt down some less high profile, smaller charities where my donation could actually make a difference, rather than the big high profile ones with large PR budgets!
Any inspirations anyone? I 'm particularly interested in charities supporting work with young people (teenagers), older people, and wildlife/environment protection. Possibly also development work but we already give to Oxfam.

OP posts:
Hulababy · 04/01/2006 09:34

This list on the Charities Commission might be useful You can search by different criteria.

fishie · 04/01/2006 09:51

i like froglife and you could see whether this interests you.

jambuttie · 04/01/2006 10:39

Bliss for us

Any charity realy that deal with intensive care for babies/children etc

TeddyRobinson · 04/01/2006 10:47

Have DD to Cancer Research UK each month.

Also donate to local hospital collections - particularly if related to babies, children or cancer.

elliott · 04/01/2006 10:58

thanks for suggestions so far. I'm not so interested in health/medical related charities (think they tend to attract quite a lot of publicity and funding anyway), prefer organisations directly working with or providing opportunities to people living in difficult circumstances (poverty, disability etc). The Charities Commission list is interesting but quite overwhelming!

OP posts:
lucyep · 04/01/2006 11:01

We support Little Hearts Matter - they are a charity for children with single ventricle heart disorders - our dd1 has very complex heart disease and appears on literature for them.

lockets · 04/01/2006 11:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

saltire · 04/01/2006 11:10

I give to cancer charities. I also give to charities such as Erskine Hospital, War Blinded, RAFA and British Legion

trefusis · 04/01/2006 11:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

acnebride · 04/01/2006 11:13

\link{\Cecily's Fund

chatee · 04/01/2006 11:14

our local RDA(Riding for the Disabled)and our local Cerebral Palsy support group....

orangina · 04/01/2006 11:16

I have a small DD going out to Shelter each month. They do brilliant things, and are looking after a lot of very vulnerable families etc. Plus they also tackle the issues of dodgy landlords etc too...

orangina · 04/01/2006 11:17


poppiesinaline · 04/01/2006 11:26

We do World Vision and sponsor a little boy in Etheopia. We get letters from him and updates about how his village are doing etc and photos of him. Also write to him. Kids love it. Started it when he was about 4, I think he's about 12 now. Got quite attached.

JenumGeranium · 04/01/2006 11:29

I give to NSPCC and Cancer Research. DH gives to somewhere for prem babies (can't remember the name)

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