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£250 trust fund govt pay out

4 replies

somethingsexyandLYcRAinmystock · 17/12/2005 08:07

has anyone found a good company to invest the £250 trust fund starter that we get from the govt (if we apply) when the baby is born? i've seen various ads, but haven't a clue which to choose.

OP posts:
Niddlynono · 17/12/2005 11:43

Bump. Good question.

Roobietherednosedreindeer · 17/12/2005 11:47

There's usually good advice on the Motley Fool discussion boards - search for CTF. I still need to invest mine - had a brief look a few months ago and was toying with a Foreign & Colonial something or other...need to dig out the brochure and get going I think. I am going with an equity investment rather than a stakeholder or cash one.

inameeting · 17/12/2005 12:13

bump from me too

Klauz33 · 17/12/2005 19:45

I went with Foreign & Colonial too - shares more risky, but at the end of the day 18 years is a long time and the stock market always bounces back!

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