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Any one been through bankruptcy?

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pinkystinky · 24/11/2005 08:50

We were discharged in January thi year, just wondering if anyone else has been through the same

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heavenis · 24/11/2005 13:03

We haven't been through it but we are about to shortly any advice

smorg · 24/11/2005 13:44

i work for the CAB as a money adviser. What did you want to know? I've done some petitions and hearings etc..i'll help if i can!

heavenis · 24/11/2005 13:53

I know how to file for bankruptcy but just wondered about things like your landline telephone if you can keep one.
If your husband and wife do you have to file separatly is fee any diggerent. I've looked on the National Debt line web site and that has lost of infromation.
Thanks for any help

smorg · 24/11/2005 14:05

Yes for husband and wife, you have to petition for your Bankruptcy seperately. The Official Receiver's fees are £310 and you have to pay the Court fees (around £150)i don't know if these vary nationally but check with your local County Court. You may be exempt from the court fees if you are on benefit.

Regards the land line, it shouldn't be a prob if you have not had payment problems with them previously. Otherwise, the worst that could happen is you may have to pay something up front (rather than a bill for what's been used IYSWIM)

pinkystinky · 25/11/2005 10:34

Id like to hear from anyone post bankruptcy. Did you have trouble updateing your credit files?And anything else that you have had difficulty with

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heavenis · 25/11/2005 17:04

Sorry didn't mean to hi jack your tread

heavenis · 25/11/2005 17:04


pinkystinky · 25/11/2005 18:03

Lol, dont worry you havent!!
just thought id say we put the telephone account in mil name just in case of any problems! Our gas and electric bills i managed to pay up to date and a little bit extra...just so they couldnt whack a meter on us!!
If you need any help/advice from someone whos been there and done it,im here!!!

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