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Any solicitors interested in running a group action?

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katymac · 16/11/2005 21:07

Not for me I hasten to add

I have won a case with the financial Ombudsman - however apparently my ruling will only be used for people who appealed to the Financial Ombudsman.

So if the company did it to anyone who didn't appeal (or make a complaint) then they will not get the money reinstated.

I want the company to give he money to everyone who deserves does someone want a go?

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katymac · 16/11/2005 22:37

I'm going to keep bumping this for a bit - so justice can be dome

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katymac · 17/11/2005 07:49

Another bump for the same reason

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katymac · 17/11/2005 15:11

Another bump for the same reason

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pipsqueak · 17/11/2005 15:52

hi katy mac
are you able to tell us a bit more about it? I am dealing with the FSO at the mo about an endowment mis-selling issue and if it's anything to do with that would be grateful for any tips. on a less selfish note, I'm nowhere near clever enough to do a group action but there are loads of m.netters who may be able to.

Freckle · 17/11/2005 16:04

Whilst I understand why you want to see others receive the same benefit you have, katymac, how would any solicitor find out who else had been affected by this issue?

gemma97 · 17/11/2005 16:44

Hi Katymac, Why not get in touch with Which? or BBC Watchdog and they could tell lots of people how to get their money back....

well done on winning your case by the way!

katymac · 17/11/2005 16:50

My whole tale is here but it's very long and complicated

I assume Solicitors advertise for clients when they know there is a case....

Tried Watchdog and Which - but they didn't get back to me

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