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I have over £100 in tesco clubcard vouchers.....

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katymac · 13/11/2005 13:15

What can I do with them?

OP posts:
janeybops · 13/11/2005 13:17

use them for yur xmas shop?

have a nice day out or short break - exchnage them for something in their catalogue

Carmenere · 13/11/2005 13:18

I use them to buy wine, I think of it as a present from Tesco in exchange for all the impulse buys I make .
How ever if I were you I would go and buy Cashmere jumpers. They are FAB

katymac · 13/11/2005 13:20

Where do I get a catalogue from?

OP posts:
bubblerock · 13/11/2005 13:44

Look here for clubcard deals

Frayedknot · 13/11/2005 14:14

It is better value to use them for deals than just use in store.

I have been saving mine for ages too and am thinking of magazine subscriptions.

Frayedknot · 13/11/2005 14:21

Wow £100 clubcard vouchers = £400 to spend in MFI. That's amazing! Or on a holiday.

1yearoffthefagscat · 13/11/2005 14:23

You can buy days out to alton towers and things.. blockbuster videos etc etc

NannyL · 13/11/2005 14:25

I got abput £50 worth once and got a DVD player!

katymac · 13/11/2005 19:59

Hmmm - not sure what I want to do....I'll have a think

OP posts:
Janh · 13/11/2005 20:04

Oh don't use them at face value - you can get eg full RAC membership for about £25-worth.

katymac · 13/11/2005 20:06

That sounds I already in the RAC/AA/or something else? I wonder (don't think so haven't paid anything recently) Hmmmm

OP posts:
Janh · 13/11/2005 20:08

Here is the page for all the 4x value deals - put your £100 in and see what you could get

katymac · 13/11/2005 20:10

I wish there qwas a paper brochure I could look at

OP posts:
Janh · 13/11/2005 20:12

There is, they send one with your vouchers every 3 months or whatever but I bet they have them in the store too, ask next time you go in!

katymac · 13/11/2005 20:37

I'll ask at tescos - thanks - it seems such a waste to just spend them, even on clothes

OP posts:
mapleleaf · 14/11/2005 11:40

I'd say go to Paris either a romantic break, or treat the kids to eurodisney. £25 in clubcard vouchers gets you a return on eurostar to paris or brussels. plus under 4's go free so you still have heaps left for magazine subscriptions, days out vouchers, restaurant tokens etc.

winnie · 14/11/2005 12:02

I learn something new on MN every day

katymac · 14/11/2005 18:27

How much is eurodisney?

I might do that.....

OP posts:
calpopscalum · 26/11/2005 14:32

we went last Xmas with Cresta and used £120 worth of vouchers which paid for a 3 night stay in the Disney Newport Bay hotel! Self drive. You could stay in a cheaper hotel (never used the hotel much as there was so much to do in the parks so only slept and breakfasted there. If we go again we'll go for a cheaper one) but we had the vouchers. We also use our tesco vouchers every year to go to France in the summer with French Life and have been to Butlins using them too! Well worth doing.

misdee · 26/11/2005 14:33

going to save all mine then. could do with a family holiday after this. eurodisney here we come ;)

soapbox · 26/11/2005 14:33

Goldsmiths are issuing 4 times the value in Goldsmiths vouchers. I plan to use mine to exchange for £350ish of goldsmiths vouchers after christmas and buy myself a little bauble in the new year sales

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