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Interest Rates - which way are they headed?

4 replies

CountessDracula · 11/11/2005 14:26

Come on all you financially astute mumsnetters. Tell me over the next 2-3 years what will happen and why

(am about to remortgage, need to decided whether to fix or not)

OP posts:
Tinker · 11/11/2005 14:27

Aren't lots of fixed rates being withdrawn? So, think advice is to fix if you can.

DingDongMaloryOnHigh · 11/11/2005 14:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CountessDracula · 11/11/2005 14:31

yes have found the fix I want but am now umming and ahhing about whether that is the right thing to do
Have had best of both worlds for 3 years with 3.99 capped rate

OP posts:
DelGirl · 11/11/2005 14:43

well rates seem to be on the up so personally I would get a fixed rate. At least you know what you're paying each month.

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