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Am i entitled to any benefits?

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mummy23 · 26/10/2005 13:04

I am currently on maternity leave and i have until april to decide if i want to go back, but was wondering if anyone knows of a website that i can use to see if we are entitled to any benefits, as i struggled to pay for childcare for ds1 and now i would have to pay for both of them (which is very expensive in london).
My DP is on a low wage and we was finding it hard when i was working part time! So i would like to see if there is a site on the internet that would let me know if i am entitled to anything extra!



OP posts:
expatinscotland · 26/10/2005 13:07

Working Tax and Child Tax Credit may be possible for you. Working Tax Credit does top out when a couple is earning about £14,000 - whether together or just for one wage earner. This is not region dependent, either.

Child Tax Credit, however, is greater when both partners work and you use a registered nursery or childminder.

If you are a renter, you could also be entitled to Housing Benefit - again, this is means-tested.

Child Benefit, of course, you should be getting.

rickman · 26/10/2005 13:11

Message withdrawn

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