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Tiscali - bloody rant!!!!! lots of ranting!!!!!!

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munz · 18/10/2005 09:05

firstly is anyone else with tiscali?

I just got my online banking and looked - we're now £70 o/d as tiscali saw fit to take £49.99 out of our account today - FFS we pay them on the 28th sept £34.99 - i'm still to bloody well find out why that is cos I don't seem to get the fucking itemised billing they twll u they do for free- up until now we've had absolutly no problems - but to take out the money 3 days b4 I get paid. apparently they sent us a letter to say they were changin billing colleciton date to the 4th what part of the 4th is the bloody 18th - just rang DH to get the pass words cos the idiot won't bloody well tell me on the acocunt - I want to know how the hell we've apparently used £90 odd pounds worth of internet and phone in one damn month. - esp as the net's only £17.99 per month. - I was happyier with £33.99 for the phone and internet considering we were on DD with BT for 35 p/m without the net but really are they taking the bloody piss or what??

does anyone else have problems with them/do u know if they'll talk to me as the a/c's in DH's name. and how the bloody hell fdo I change the pass word one line - it says I need the old one - is there anyway around that? god i'm so bloody pissed off right now. i've a good mind to ring the bank and bloody well cancel the DD.

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jessicaandbumpsmummy · 18/10/2005 09:21

Bloody hell hun.... you need to get on the phone to them NOW.

That is just a scary bill.... and not to have any warning either.... GO MENTAL!

Is DH working today? If not, make sure he is phoning going mad too.

munz · 18/10/2005 09:26

yeah for the morning apparently - they did send us a letter - about 3 weeks ago - saying we'd have payment taken out on the 4th but we didn't it went on the 28th (our old date we were happy with) 4th we could manage but 18th is bloody rediculas for us.

so pissed off - at the mo I can't really rant cos my voice is soo horse - i'd sound like giving them a drity call! lol.

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flamebat · 18/10/2005 09:29

First of all - I think that you can insist that you keep your original date can't you? That was what you signed up to, and I'd fight like hell, even if they do say no in the end.

Make sure when someone does phone to rant at them, that they will reimburse any overdraft fees too - they might want to see a bank statement...

But mainly ARGH!!! I thought NTL were useless, but you win...

munz · 18/10/2005 09:33

my DH will be ranting after I've ranted to him. I tried to ring on sat - was on hold for bloody half hour then hung up.

apparently we're billed in arrears so the £30 was for aug and this £40 is for sept? - I don't bloody know- all I know is internets £14.99 phone's ment to be free weekend and evenings so god knows how they even got £30 but I was happy as it was cheaper so paid it.

calmed down now - till I talk to DH - so pissed off still.

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flamebat · 18/10/2005 09:36

Just had a proper look at my ntl bill.. and its all gibberish I have no idea what we are being charged for, where and why!!!

Do they do it on purpose???

munz · 18/10/2005 09:38

I recon so - thing is with BT - I don't normally check the phone bill, itemised it gets scanned over and thats it same with mobiles - but now I can't even scan i'm really annoyed about that as well - I want to scan - just to check its all in order and see if we can save any where.

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RTKMonherBROOMSTICK · 18/10/2005 10:09




RTKMonherBROOMSTICK · 18/10/2005 10:10



munz · 18/10/2005 10:12

I think we're tied to a 12 month contract - only been with then since mid july I think it was.

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MeerkatsUnite · 18/10/2005 12:45

Would have to agree with RTK - have heard awful things about both Tiscali and NTL also.

munz · 18/10/2005 12:47

it's bloody 090 no's what's the code u have on BT? - i'm paying for the service - just checked but it's not on the phone, so gonna put it on there - still gonna get DH to ring up thou about the DD - either that or we'll pay on invoice each month. - can u do that?

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mandieb2004 · 18/10/2005 20:18

I hate Tiscali sort this out and then leave but if you do you might be offline for two months like we were .So yes I do seriously Hate tiscali

munz · 19/10/2005 18:57

last time we were off line/on dial up for 2 months we ran up a £280 phone bill so that's not an option

tried to ring BT got put on hold - gave up after half hour.

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