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Who does cheap electric?

7 replies

katymac · 15/10/2005 08:37

Ummm...basically that it


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katymac · 15/10/2005 19:11


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hunkerpumpkin · 15/10/2005 19:15

Have a look here for the best deal for your consumption - they'll switch your supplier too if you want

katymac · 15/10/2005 20:01

Tesco's is cheaper.....but I'm not sure

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hunkerpumpkin · 15/10/2005 20:37

Why not? I'm going to see about switching soon, I think. We're with Powergen and it seems pricey, but perhaps they all are?!

katymac · 15/10/2005 21:28

Try Tesco's very cheap.....£360 discount vs £270 with uswitch

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GeorginaA · 17/10/2005 20:51 are advising NOT to change electric or gas suppliers at the moment - many of the companies are about to change their tariffs (due to rising energy costs) so comparison sites like uswitch are next to useless. It's really worth holding on for a bit until you get a level playing field again if you can...

katymac · 18/10/2005 03:31


Too late - but I think the price is fixed (for a bit at least)

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