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I half saw a kid get hurt in the playground at school and now his Mum wants me to sign a claim form. Should I?

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pepsi · 12/10/2005 16:42

A few weeks back a child of pre-school age, fell over in a wooden type shelter at school, I didnt see actually what happend but sort of saw out of the corner of my eye that something had and then heard crying, when no one went to get the child I went over and he was sitting on the floor with blood pouring from his mouth, leaving a big puddle on the floor. I didnt know who he belonged to so led him out asking people as I went by whose he was, someone pointed out his mum and that was it. Or so I thought today she came up to me in the playground, (has never spoken to me since the day....didnt even ask me what I saw on the day), and asked me to sign a claim form, her solicitor says she needs two witnesses. I felt really put on teh spot and said I had to think about it but she felt quite pushy and Im upset now as I feel either way Im going to either go against the school or form an enemy. At the time of the accident she wasnt watching him. I dont know whether he was pushed, slipped or what I just sort of saw a head wobble just above a bench but I cant say anything for sure. Any advice on what to do.

OP posts:
pepsi · 13/10/2005 18:46

Unbelieveable as it is, she didnt introduce herself, I think I know know her first name from word of mouth. I dont know the name of either of her children. Im sure I could do it this way but despite the way Im feeling right now I think that its best to do it face to face keeping it short, sweet and firm so that we all know where we stand. I hear today that there is another lady she has approached who is also worried. By the end of all this and when word gets about I cant imagine it will do her popularity and standing in the school community much good.

OP posts:
moondog · 13/10/2005 18:52

Cheeky cow.
It's outrageous as they say,this bloody blame blame blame culture.
You are doing the right thing pepsi by not signing.
Remember that.

pepsi · 14/10/2005 18:22

finally caught up with teh Mum today and told her I couldnt do it as I didnt see the accident she said okay thanks and that was it. I hoping that the end of the story.

OP posts:
waterfalls · 14/10/2005 18:45

I dont agree with all these laws now, enableing parents to sue when there children have accidents in parks, unless a piece of equiptment is faulty and is the cause of the accident. Children have accidents it is part of growing up, as long as there is no long term damage or trauma what is the incentive to sue? MONEY.........says it all really.

moondog · 14/10/2005 18:47

Glad it's resolved pepsi.
You can relax now.

waterfalls · 14/10/2005 18:48

And if this Mother was so concerned for her DS, then why the hell did she not ask you at the time what had happened, or at least thank you.

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