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Can I be nosey - Tax credits HELP!!!!!

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munz · 10/10/2005 14:10

just trying to work out our money for after baby's born, DH earns £17K p/a at the mo.

i've worked out what tax credits we would get if it was just him working and it says £1150 (£95p/m).

does that sound about right to u guys? - if I go back to work I'll be getting about £7000 p/a p/t so the credits would go down to £1130 p/a.

I don't understand how they work it out - does it sound roughly right to what u guys have? - just wondering will understand if u want to change names etc - not looking for arguements just want a rough idea on what we should expect. this is our first baby, and we rent currently (army so can't get any extra help there)

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expatinscotland · 10/10/2005 14:11

That sounds about right. When I was the sole wage earner and made about £13,000/pa, DH got about £2200 on CTC.

munz · 10/10/2005 14:13

ok thanks honney - was hoping u'd respond it also says if i'm working and we earn £22K -£24K combined) obv depending on what the boss will give me. we're not entitield to any child care help. is that right?

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QueenVictoria · 10/10/2005 14:14

Sounds about right. They have various limits so you can earn up to a certain amount to get x etc etc.

munz · 10/10/2005 14:25

any ideas what the limits are? - is it only tax credits/child benifits we're entitled to?/is there a place u can find out from?

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