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Insurance - bloody small print!!!!!

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Niddlynono · 05/10/2005 04:01

I've just found out that our household insurance, although appeared to cover possessions 'temporarily removed from our house', doesn't cover the contents of my handbag which was stolen at, wait for it, my brother's wedding last week! I'm sooooo pi$$ed off - it had my gorgeous new digital camera, my iPod and my new mobile, plus some cash. What's more upsetting is that the camera had photos of my brother with my DS (who was pageboy) on the morning of the wedding (which noone else had photos of) and since DS wasn't keen on being in many of the official wedding photos there are very few photos from the day with him in.

DH worked bloody hard to buy me the camera and the iPod was a present and some thieving little $hit is either enjoying them or has sold them for £50 down the pub. What's the world coming to when you get striped at a family wedding?

I've spoken to the caterers, cleaners, venue management and none of them could help and obviously my brother and SIL are adamant that it couldn't have been any of the guests. Our insurer says that the stuff isn't covered because the venue wasn't broken into. AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!

Don't know why I'm posting this, just have to get it off my chest I suppose.

PS The reason I had my iPod with me was that DH used it to play the music for the ceremony.

OP posts:
triceratops · 05/10/2005 05:42

I would be hopping mad - it is horrible having your handbag stolen. Household insurance hardly ever covers things outside the house unless you pay extra for it IME.

SleepySuzy · 05/10/2005 06:16

Oh, sorry, bex

Think I'll have to check my policy now.

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