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Help desperately needed please - second hand car warranty problems! (long)

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Kelly1978 · 26/09/2005 17:35


I need help here. We bought a car 4 mnths ago, it's had a few probs, and basically the dealer is beign a lying little s**t and doesn't want to fix them. If anyone with legal knowledge could look through this I would be very grateful.

The car was sold with a three month mechanical warranty. On the test drive problems with the display (milage, clock, etc.) were pointed out. The figures were fading and illegible. Dealer promised to repair the display prior to sale. The car was bought on this understanding.

When the car was collected, we were informed the display had been replaced. The display worked for three weeks, and then started to fail again. During this time it was also noticed that the motor for the wing mirrors was not working. The car was returned to C motors four weeks after purchase. The motor for the wing mirrors was replaced, solving that problem. The problem with the display was pointed out, and we were informed by Dealer that this was a common problem with Nissan terrain displays and unfixable. A third problem, with moving into ?drive?, was also pointed out. A noticeable delay of thee or four seconds was occurring before drive was activated. A fluid change was carried out which did not solve the problem. Dealer told us he had called a gear specialist who informed us this was another common problem with Nissan Terranos.

Now, four months after purchase, the display is steadily worsening. A Nissan dealer mechanic has informed us that this fault does occur in Terranos and the display needs replacing. He informed us here had not been a new display installed, as we were previously informed by Dealer, as all the figures would read zero. The mechanic also informed us that the delay in moving into drive was far too slow to be within normal parameters.

I called Nasty Little Dealer Man today. He claims that he did not say he had put a new display in. He is not prepared to put the new display as the warranty does not cover this. Won't even discuss further as I am beign 'rude' and 'unreasonable'. Me? Rude? I wasn't rude at all, but a couple of things he mistook as being sarky, and basically he wasn't going to discuss anythign else until I agreed the display was perfectly alright.

Well done and thanks anyone who got this far. I'm a law student and as far as I can see, it is deception, and contrary to trade descriptions and sale of goods act. He denies the deception, and says sale of goods not relevant to second hand car. Who is right?

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Kelly1978 · 27/09/2005 09:06


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